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Hora Express truck drivers can bring a positive impact

America has a massive shortage of truck drivers. Hora Express increased driver pay 10 percent this year to try to attract more drivers. Many of our drivers now earn $90,000, yet, we are still looking to cover trucks with professional drivers for the job.

Drivers are needed to meet the demand from companies such as Amazon, UPS and Walmart that are shipping more goods across the country, according to the American Trucking Associations. The driver shortage is already leading to delayed deliveries and higher prices for goods that Americans buy. The ATA predicts that it’s likely to get worse in the coming years. Many trucking companies, including Volcano Transport, are offering bonuses and pay raises. 

From food, clothing, cars, livestock, fuel, furniture, and so much more, trucks carry the items Americans use and consume every day. If you’re thinking, should I be a truck driver? yes, you should be because long-haul truck drivers deliver products none of us can live without.

Did you know that nearly 70 percent of all the freight tonnage moved in the U.S. is shipped on trucks? Or that those truckers move 9.2 billion tons of freight every year, according to the American Trucking Associations.

If you love to travel, truck driving is the perfect occupation for you. Many truckers say there’s no better way to see the country than behind the wheel of their big rig. If the idea of a desk job leaves you cold, sign up for an adventure to see the United States. How many jobs allow you to look out a window and see the Grand Teton National Park, Lake Tahoe, Florida Keys, Golden Gate Bridge, Rocky Mountains, Grand Canyon, Texas Hill Country, Joshua Tree National Park, Brooklyn Bridge, Mount Rainier, or any of our other stunning American landscapes? Oh, and did we mention all the views are free?

Many truckers at our company describe their job as a “lifestyle.” No one truly understands what you experience every day on the job quite like another truck driver. Much like a military unit, truck drivers form a tight and strong camaraderie with one another which is why we believe military training is the perfect background for a truck driver.

A quick look at the news shows that many companies across America are downsizing and laying off workers but not so for CDL truckers. No other industry that offers this kind of career peace of mind. No matter where you live, it’s always possible to get a job, and if you want to relocate, trucking is a dependable career option.